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Take advantage of the branding and sponsorship opportunities on offer, and stand out from the crowd at The property show oct 2017

We understand what is important to you as an exhibitor, and what you are looking to achieve by being part of Bahrain Housing Exhibition in 2017. That is why we wanted to share with you what our exhibitors in 2016 were able to successfully achieve. By being part of the largest construction event in Bahrain, we are confident you will be able to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.



Capitalise on the growing demand for robotics, 3D printing, smart building and IT solutions in construction 

From 2015 onwards, there have been multimillion worth of building projects that were completed across the residential, commercial, hotel, retail, medical and educational facilities segments. Be part of the growing sector and showcase your expertise to your key buyers at the largest construction event in the Bahrain.

 Key Facts:

  • Connect with key buyers interested in Building Interiors & Finishes that include:

    • Engineers

    • Contractors

    • Building Consultants

    • Architects

    • Interior Designers

  • Visitors in 2016 were interested in the key subcategories within 

    Building Interiors & Finishes that included:

    • Bathroom, Kitchen & Related Services: 74%

      Flooring, Ceiling, Wall Finishes & Other Interior Finishes: 65%

      Lighting: 53%

      Sealants, Coatings & Adhesives: 49%

  For International Exhibitors: 



  • The GCC construction market is set to grow 6% over the next three years
  • Benefit from US$10 Billion worth of contracts in the Bahrain is currently running .
  • Continued development of projects.
  • Main growth coming from markets including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar due to huge projects in these markets.



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