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The Indian Property Show 6th Edition - Oct 2017 | 11:00 - 20:00 Daily

The Property show is the largest Indian property event in the Bahrain giving the opportunity for B2C targets , and is the meeting place for prospects looking to meet with key buyers and investors in PAN India property projects . Network, do business and get the best leads all under one roof over two packed business days. Find out how to be seen in your state pavillion in Oct 2017.

Network With Your Target Buyers

Download the sales brochure or get in touch with your exhibiting enquiry today. Spaces are limited so secure your place in your dedicated product sector.

Meet with the Best Property Developers from Kerala, Chennai, Bangaluru, Manglore. 


Aggressive Financing options for leading financial institutions 

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Browse Amazing properties for Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, NCR...


Gaurav Singhal  / Exhibition Coordinator 

Gaurav has joined new in the team and  is with TPS from 5th Edition. Works on facilitating exhibitors on any enquiry related to expo. Very calm personality, Ready to help anytime.

He can be reached on

Email : gaurav.singhal@gallure.com  

Mobile & Whatsapp : 00973399995874

Chakit Dhingra / Exhibition Coordinator

Chakit is with  TPS since its 1st edition and can provide you with all the historical information related to visitor footfall, business transaction first hand.

Inquisitive in nature, incorrigible optimist and amazing at maintaining relationships. Chakit can be reached on 

Email : Chakit.dhingra@gallure.com

Mobile & Whatsapp  : 00973 39995881

Sarb Kaur / Account Executive 

We understand you will have lots of non sales enquiries which can be for your financial department or may be for your exhibition material logistics.

Sarb is very energetic has deep understanding of any finance related concerns.

She can be reached on :

Email : sarabjeet.kaur@gallure.com

Mobile : 00973 39995879



Yousaf Rasool / Marketing Coordinator 

Yousaf can help you with your logo placement, web branding, social media posts and onsite branding for the exhibition.

Yousaf is fast in implementation and always achieve steep deadline.

Yousaf can be reached on

Email : Yousaf.rasool@gallure.com

Mobile & Whatsapp : 00973 39995853 

Subhash Chander / Director Exhibitions

We invest in relationships and would not like to miss any chance to serve you or any suggestion you may have for us to improve.

Subhash is the director of exhibitions and is directly related to the onsite relations with the exhibitors.

Email: scb@gallure.com

Mobile : 00973 39995878 


We provide you with additional marketing and coordination services through out the year to create your brand visibility. Ask any of our team member for more information.

Web Presence

Our year long package includes website branding and continuous blog promotions. Our website have visitor of Indian origin from Bahrain & Saudi Arabia through out the year Easy way to launch your project mid way and keep your brand visibility. 

Market Activation

We are the leader in market activation in Bharain, with clients from all the verticals and brand like BM, Rolls Royce, Diyar Al Muharraq associating with us for their BTL marketing.  We have strong market activation practices and can provide you with effective market penetration through out the year. 

Social Media

Social media market is one of the most prominent tool to create brand presence. We provide SEO services with local flavor to your brand so that your local target audience can relate to you.

Sales Coordination

We can provide you with first level support for your sales lead however we do not take sales targets or get into brokerage. 


We work closely with all the Indian regional clubs and associations through out the year which can provide you word of mouth publicity through out the year. 

Quantifiable Results

We work below the line, in a space where success in measurable and ROI tangible. like all clients , ours prefer to draw the line at the bottom and we’re ok with that , because our primary focus is on achieving  goals through successful brand activation.



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